Service Times: Sunday, 10:15 am

We don’t know what is going to happen with this virus but have resumed our regular worship in our sanctuary at 10:15 am.
We do know that God is still in control of this universe. I’m asking you to pray now. Pray constantly without ceasing for God’s intervention in this situation.
Our Church Council discussed our plans for online worship. We are continuing to video tape worship and put it on our website and Facebook. We have online worship up and going as soon on Facebook and our website, We will communicate with the congregation often by email, text, and regular mail to keep you updated.
Stay encouraged and don’t loose hope. We have an opportunity to show the love of Jesus and the hope we find in Him. When things are darkest, that’s when the light of Jesus shines brightest.

Sunday School 11:00 AM

Here are reasons why we do….
Because We Love the Word and Want to Grow. …
Because You Want Your Kids to Come to Christ and Grow in Him. …
Because God Has Gifted Us with Pastors and Teachers. …please join us at 11:00 AM for Sunday School
We are having “Zoom” Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. Call our office so that we can send you an invitation link. All are welcome.
Join us…

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